• Mar 04 2016

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    To Microchip Or Not To Microchip? That Is The Question…

    …to which the answer is, YES! We know a lot of people are worried about microchipping their pets for a variety of reasons. People are afraid it will hurt or that…

  • Feb 28 2016

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    Why You Want A Vet On Your Side During A Zombie Apocalypse

    I think most people have heard of, if not seen, The Walking Dead by now. This show has everyone thinking about what they would do if a zombie apocalypse happened….

  • Feb 20 2016

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    Puppies Vs. Babies

    Before we dive in to this week’s blog topic of puppies vs. babies (Sounds like a pretty adorable blog, huh?), let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name…

  • Feb 12 2016

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    The Truth About Bordetella

    What is the difference between a 6 month Bordetella vaccine and a 1 year Bordetella vaccine? The answer: nothing.By that we simply mean that the vaccine itself is the same. The…

  • Feb 07 2016

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    25 Outrageously Funny Pet Names by Dr. Andy Roark

    In need of a good laugh today? Well look no further! Dr. Andy Roark took a poll of his Facebook fans and found out the most hilarious 25 pet names….

  • Jan 31 2016

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    Dental Music Video??

    That’s right, folks. The fine people of Annapolis Cat Hospital and Bay Ridge Animal Hospital in Annapolis, MD, put out this video on dental health and it fantastic. It’s got…

  • Jan 23 2016

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    I don’t care how old you are, everyone loves to let their “inner kid” out to play in the snow, even if it’s just for a few minutes! Since we…

  • Jan 16 2016

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    Cold Weather And Your Pet

    As the weather grows colder and the anticipation (or dread) of snow draws near, it’s the perfect time to discuss some cold weather safety tips for your pets! Most people…

  • Jan 08 2016

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    Cat Cuddles

    There’s a video making the rounds on Facebook recently and it has caught our eye. The video shows several cats all asking for cuddles or attention from their owners and…

  • Dec 31 2015

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    Happy New Year!

    As 2015 ends, we here at Market Street Animal Clinic are incredibly grateful for another wonderful year with you, our amazing clients! We have seen all sorts of patients, big…