Integrative Care

Pain Management


At Market Street Animal Clinic we will provide options that include both pharmaceutical and integrative therapies for your animal’s acute and chronic pain management. A multimodal approach to pain management layers different medications and/or techniques.  This works to improve comfort and function while minimizing side effects. 

Medications are effective and prove helpful for most patients.  Should you find your pet needs additional therapies or your pet has trouble with traditional pain medications we do offer alternative treatments. Herbal formulations, acupuncture and laser therapy are additional options to help improve overall comfort and quality of life for your pet.

Laser Therapy


Market Street Animal Clinic offers laser therapy for the treatment of a variety of conditions – postoperatively, acute and chronic pain, ear infections, anal gland disease, etc.  The Laser is an integral tool in effective healing and pain management.

Laser therapy utilizes photobiostimulation to increase ATP in the cells (cellular energy). This works by assisting the body with healing, normal cell function, and pain relief.

Typically, laser treatments are 10-15 minutes in duration and most pets relax readily.  The frequency of sessions may vary based on their condition and needs.



Acupuncture can assist in numerous conditions – ranging from pain relief, nerve related injuries or conditions and nausea to internal medicine conditions such as kidney and liver disease or even allergies.

Acupuncture involves the placement of fine needles into specific anatomic points.  The needles remain in place in most cases for 15-20 minutes.  Most pets are very tolerant or even sleep for their sessions.  In some cases, if needles are not tolerated, the points may be stimulated with the laser.

Dr.  Wentzel will commonly combine acupuncture with laser therapy and herbal formulations.

Herbal Medicine


The use of herbs for healing predates much of modern medicine.  They can be used to complement the medications your pet is on and in some cases can even be used to manage your pets’ issues solely.

Dr. Wentzel can determine if herbal formulations will be helpful for your pet during an initial consultation. Response to therapy may take several weeks.