Feb 07 2016

25 Outrageously Funny Pet Names by Dr. Andy Roark

In need of a good laugh today? Well look no further! Dr. Andy Roark took a poll of his Facebook fans and found out the most hilarious 25 pet names.  The originial post can be seen here.

Without further a-do: 25 Outrageously Funny Pet Names

Rambo Casserole (English Bulldog/Boxer mix who has “lots of muscles like Rambo, but is short and wide like a casserole.”)
Pepsi (Owner’s last name was DiCola)
Will Feral (Cat)
Barking Chicken (Rottweiler)
Staphylococcus (Golden retriever owned by a microbiologist)
Dr. Taco (Cat)
Strawberry Shortcake (100lb male American Bulldog)
Alice Pooper (Rabbit)
Cat Benatar (150lb male Mastiff)
Devo (Whippett)
David Hasslehops (Rabbit)
Granny Clampett (16 year old Yorkshire Terrier)
Kevin the Destroyer (Cat)
Rhino (Yorkshire Terrier)
Barbeque (Pot Bellied Pig, owned by a vegetarian)
Lord Frumpy of the Pantaloons (English Bulldog)
Penny Pie Sparklepants (Kitten named by 2 little girls)
Feline Dion  
Doogie Schnauzer  
EggRoll Freyer (Japanese Chin)
Chicken Thunderbolt  
Donatella Versausage (Dachshund)
Spartacus the Warrior (Pomeranian)
Reverend Phatty McBiscuit (Cat)

Does your pet have a goofy name? Share it with us on Facebook!

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