25 Outrageously Funny Pet Names by Dr. Andy Roark

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In need of a good laugh today? Well look no further! Dr. Andy Roark took a poll of his Facebook fans and found out the most hilarious 25 pet names.  The originial post can be seen here.

Without further a-do: 25 Outrageously Funny Pet Names

Rambo Casserole(English Bulldog/Boxer mix who has “lots of muscles like Rambo, but is short and wide like a casserole.”)
Pepsi(Owner’s last name was DiCola)
Will Feral(Cat)
Barking Chicken(Rottweiler)
Staphylococcus(Golden retriever owned by a microbiologist)
Dr. Taco(Cat)
Strawberry Shortcake(100lb male American Bulldog)
Alice Pooper(Rabbit)
Cat Benatar(150lb male Mastiff)
David Hasslehops(Rabbit)
Granny Clampett(16 year old Yorkshire Terrier)
Kevin the Destroyer(Cat)
Rhino(Yorkshire Terrier)
Barbeque(Pot Bellied Pig, owned by a vegetarian)
Lord Frumpy of the Pantaloons(English Bulldog)
Penny Pie Sparklepants(Kitten named by 2 little girls)
Feline Dion 
Doogie Schnauzer 
EggRoll Freyer(Japanese Chin)
Chicken Thunderbolt 
Donatella Versausage(Dachshund)
Spartacus the Warrior(Pomeranian)
Reverend Phatty McBiscuit(Cat)

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