How To Bond With Your New Pet

By January 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Did you get a new pet recently? Or maybe you realized you haven’t been giving your pet the attention they deserve. Here are some great ways to connect (or re-connect!) with your pet!

1. If your bonding with a new pet, trust must be established. This is especially true if you have rescued an older pet or one who has already been bounced around multiple homes. To do this, you may want to let your new buddy discovery their new home in a safe manner. Let him sniff around and discover all the new sights and smells. Try not to use a loud voice when talking to your pet. Instead, use a soft, calming voice so as not to scare him.

beagle sniffing

2. When your petting your new friend, be sure to pay attention. Don’t just zone out watching TV or looking at your phone. Talk to them while you pet them and pay attention to their reactions. Do they not like when you scratch their back? Do they LOVE being scratched behind the ears? Take note of what your pet does and does not like.


3. Just like humans, pets need exercise! Even just a short walk around the block is a great way to bond with your new dog, so long as they are healthy enough to do so.  This also helps them acclimate to their new neighborhood. For the kitties, break out a laser pointer or special toy and let her run around the living room to get some energy out.


4. Obedience training is a fantastic way to get your pup’s confidence up. Some cats even enjoy this too! Try to use as much positive reinforcement as possible while training your pet. Don’t make this sessions longer than your pet can handle, just long enough to engage them and make sure they’re having fun!


5. Play! Play! Play! Make sure to spend lots of time playing with your pet. Does your dog love to fetch? Or maybe tug of war? Maybe he likes to swim or chase frisbees? Whatever your pet enjoys, make sure you make time to do it each day! Not only does this let your pet know you love them, it also allows them to get out energy. Remember, a tired pet, is a good pet.


Hopefully these tips help you and your new best friend to bond quickly and that bond will last a lifetime!

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